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Teleworking Environments

Teleworking, also known as telecommuting, allows employees to work from home, on the road, or in a satellite location for some or all of their regular workweek.  Teleworking is usually a voluntary work alternative that may be appropriate for some employees and some jobs.  In some organizations, employers are doing away with the traditional work … more »

The Importance of Checking References

Over the course of the hiring process, some organizations tend to overlook the importance of checking references of applicants. Having an effective process for checking references may accomplish one of a two things; it may reassure the hiring manager of the positive things that he or she already knows about the applicant, or it may … more »

Salary Compression: Is it Happening in Your Organization?

Salary compression, also referred to as pay or wage compression, is occurring in almost every organization.  For nearly a decade, wages have remained constant and organizations and employees have pushed this idea aside. With the unemployment rate at the lowest that it has been in the last ten-years, the issues related to salary compression are … more »

The Difference Between New Hire Orientation and Onboarding

As an HR Consultant, I frequently get asked questions as to what should be included in a new employee orientation program and/or an onboarding session.  To me, these are two very different questions and often times, it takes more than a minute to explain to the employer why I view these as two different processes.  … more »

The Importance of Employee Handbooks

An employee is depressed and unable to focus at work because she has been the brunt of bullying that borders on harassment.  She’s never been told that her job is on the line so she has minimized the concern in her mind.  She is afraid to speak up for fear she will lose her job … more »

Tips on Managing the Family Medical Leave Act

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that grants an employee the right to take up to 12-weeks of unpaid leave for qualifying conditions without the leave counting against him or her, to put it simply. However, this definition is loaded with information. The FMLA is known by many as a complicated … more »

Effectively Managing Workplace Harassment Amidst a Growing Number of Claims

It is time. Time for companies to rethink their workplace harassment policies that are outdated and slow-paced. It is time for companies to evaluate their culture and ensure that it does not foster any type of harassment. Company culture allows repeat offenders to get away with harassment and at some point, just like the many … more »

Does Your Company Have an Inclement Weather Policy?

It seems like we have had our fair share of weather-related instances in the United States over the last couple of years.  The unpredictable weather patterns and its side effects are sure to make any employer contemplate their current policies. Whether or not to implement an inclement weather policy is the question. There are many … more »




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