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Performance Management

Performance Management

Once the job descriptions have been completed and employees are aware of what is expected of them in their jobs, performance management may begin. Too many times, organizations think of performance as a one-time event – the formal date that the discussion takes place with the employee. However, the performance management process is an ongoing conversation with the employee throughout the year. Defining the organizations goals, department objectives and then relating those to the essential duties and responsibilities of each individual’s job is critical to the success of a good performance management process. Employee’s want to know that what they are doing in their jobs has a direct impact on the overall achievement of an organization’s goals. In addition, mutual respect and trust should be the foundation of the relationship between the manager and the employee. Communication between the two should not be one-sided and involvement from both with regards to planning and measuring performance is important to its success. All should be clearly defined.

Performance Management Objectives

Objectives of the performance evaluation should include the following:

  1. To provide focus and alignment between the organization’s goals and the employee’s job.
  2. To provide performance and work habits feedback to the employee.
  3. To document performance and work habits of the employee.
  4. To improve performance and work habits of the employee.
  5. To further develop employees through training.
  6. To provide additional career opportunities, when appropriate.
  7. To link performance to rewards.

Phases of the Performance Management Process

  1. Define the essential duties and responsibilities then the standards and measurements for each.
  2. Provide ongoing coaching and feedback.
  3. Conduct the performance development and career opportunities discussion.
  4. Determine performance recognition, rewards or consequences.

The New Focus HR Consultant is able to assist your organization with the total performance management process, from the development of the evaluation form(s) to be used in your organization’s performance management process, the design and implementation of a performance management policy, to the training of your supervisors and managers on the development of performance standards and measurements, pitfalls to avoid, and the advantages and disadvantages of rewarding employees with base pay, to name a few.

Contact us today and we will assist your organization with the review of your current performance management process or the development and implementation of a new process.