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Employee Relations

Project Management of the Recruiting Process

New Focus HR assists organizations with their recruiting process. We work with recruiters or review applications and resumes to assist with selecting the best candidates for open positions. We also utilize Profiles International assessments as a tool to help with presenting the best candidates for a vacant job to management.


New Hire Orientation

New Focus HR assists with the new hire on-boarding process from assisting with the completion of the proper paperwork, development of the personnel file, and benefits enrollment, through the total comprehensive development of a new employee orientation program for new hires.


Employee Engagement

New Focus HR works with the executive management team of the organization to assess the current engagement level of employees within their workplace. We then make recommendations to either retain or increase the engagement level of the current workforce.


Progressive Disciplinary Action

We have the ability to assist organizations with the development of a progressive disciplinary action policy and then helping with the implementation of the policy. This also includes the development of a form and the training of management. Working with management on defining whether the employee has a performance or work habit issue, completion of the form and coaching on the conversation with the employee are all included. In some cases, our Consultants may actually participate in the session with the employee and manager.


Conflict Resolution and Investigations

New Focus HR assists with defining the root cause of conflictive employee situations in the workplace. A formal conflict resolution process will be utilized to help bring the situation to resolution. When necessary, our Consultant may also conduct an onsite investigation in the event of a sexual and other type of harassment, an internal theft, retaliation claim, etc.


Organizational Design

New Focus HR works with management on designing the optimal organizational structure that will be the most efficient for the business. Defining roles, reporting relationships, and the writing of job descriptions are all involved in the process in order to effectively identify how a job contributes to the business goals and bottom line results of the organization.


Career Development Plans

We have the ability to work with managers to create internal career development plans for employees. These plans outline steps that both the manager and employee may take in order to achieve the highest level of success for both the employee and the organization.



New Focus HR works with management to complete the termination process. Whether it is a voluntary, involuntary, reduction in force (RIF), or a retirement of an employee we assist in a positive and professional manner. This may include assisting with the completion of the termination paperwork, conducting the termination discussion and completion of the unemployment paperwork, when needed. We may also represent the organization in the unemployment hearing appeal process.