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Tips for Serving Alcohol at a Company Sponsored Event

This is the most wonderful time of the year for most. Religious, cultural and seasonal celebrations with family, friends and business colleagues can be wonderful experiences. To keep it wonderful, employers should incorporate the following suggestions into their holiday party in order to help minimize their risk and liability when alcohol is a factor:   … more »

Don’t Sit This One Out

“Don’t sit this one out,” is a statement one of my CEO clients says to his staff. He continues, “Show up, step up and stand out – there is no room for any employee to sit out anything in the workplace.”   Statistics still show that employee engagement is still a problem. According to the … more »

Solutions to Attract, Motivate and Retain High Performing Employees

Your profits are walking out the door – literally. Every time you lose an employee, all the money that you have invested in that employee walks out the door at the same time.  To add insult to injury, a new employee must start the learning process at the very bottom of the quality and productivity … more »

Are Your Background Checks a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen?

BMW and Dollar General Corp. (NYSE: DG) have been in the news recently because of their background screening policies. Like many other companies, they have faced huge fines for allegedly violating Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules – and your company may be doing the very same thing.   In April 2012, the EEOC announced its … more »

Halloween Activities in the Workplace: Be Aware

It is that time of year when companies and their employees are planning for the second largest commercial holiday in the United States, Halloween.  Before employers automatically plan on supporting Halloween activities in their workplace, they need to think through the pros and cons of doing so.  Here are some ideas to consider prior to … more »

A Tool to Help Employers Navigate the PPACA

Healthcare reform is turning employer-provided benefits on its head, and it will dramatically change the way small employers and their employees consume health insurance and other employer-provided benefits.  New financing options, new product offerings, new distribution and consumption options will be available over the next several months.  At the heart of succeeding in the next … more »

The Performace Evaluation: Friend or Foe?

Many organizations still view the performance evaluation process as a nuisance.  Managers complain that they don’t have enough time in the day to get their expected work completed, let alone write and deliver a performance evaluation.  Yet they are the same individuals who continue to complain about the performance of the employees who report to … more »

Did You Know? Simple PPACA Facts

Effective, 1/1/15, if your business employs fewer than 50 full-time employees, actually fewer than 50 full-time equivalents, your business is exempt from what is referred to as the “employer-shared responsibility” to provide health insurance to your employees. However, your employees will still need to have health insurance starting on 1/1/15, or they may be subject … more »

Are Employers Legally Able to Provide References?

Reference checks area useful way for employers to gather information that is not readily available. However, employers are often leery about providing references as they are fearful that they could be sued for giving a negative reference about a terminated employee or for failing to tell a prospective employer about an employee’s poor performance, etc. … more »

Wages: Commissions, Incentives and Bonuses

Indiana courts have defined a “wage” as compensation paid on a regular basis for work performed by the employee on an ongoing basis.  In general terms, compensation that is linked to the amount of work done by the employee constitutes a wage. Vacation pay constitutes deferred compensation that is earned as an employee works, so … more »




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