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Rethink Your Company’s Workers’ Compensation Strategy

Workers’ compensation, a system of insurance that reimburses an employer for damages that must be paid to an employee for injury occurring in the course of employment. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Do you remember when it was called workman’s compensation? As more women entered the workplace the wording changed from workman’s compensation to workers’ compensation. However, while … more »

Flexible Work Arrangements and Your Workforce

Is your company looking to increase productivity? Flexible work arrangements may be one of the “keys” to the success of increased productivity. However, which one is “right’ for your organization? This is a question that must be asked as baby boomers (individuals born between 1946 and 1964), leave the workforce and Gen X (individuals born … more »

Spring Clean Your Company’s HR Department

It is that time of year when we all get the “bug” to do a little Spring cleaning. Now, is a great time to clean-up your human resources department too. Here are a few tips to help you do so: Audit all Employment Eligibility and Verification Form I-9’s – Check to make sure that your … more »

Employment and Eligibility Verification Form I-9

Handbook for Employers – Updates The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) updated their Handbook for Employers, effective 1/5/11. The handbook is designed to be used by those within an organization who have the responsibility for maintaining the I-9 records. Interested employers and their representatives may download the updated version at the USCIS website at … more »

Has Your Business CLOSED Due to Emergency Situations?

At times, emergencies such as severe weather, fires, power failures, or earthquakes, may disrupt company operations. In extreme cases, these circumstances may require the closing of a work facility. Employers frequently ask, “How should we pay our employees during these times of emergency situations?” and/or “Should we have a company policy defining the definitions of … more »

Do you have your employees classified correctly?

It is strongly recommended that employers clarify the definitions of employment classifications so that employees understand their employment status and benefit eligibility. These classifications do not guarantee employment for any specified period of time. Accordingly, the right to terminate the employment relationship at will at any time is retained by both the employee and the … more »

Retain Key Employees by Improving the Core Skills of the Managers

Employees generally leave bosses, not necessarily organizations. Walker Information, an Indianapolis-based marketing research firm, reports that 50% of your employees will leave when the job market starts to open up (Bruce Kidd, VP, January 7, 2011). So, what you are you doing to make sure that they, specifically the high performers, will stay with your … more »

How Do Employers Avoid Ledbetter Problems

Last month, Kristen Shingleton, President of New Focus HR, wrote an article titled “Who is Lilly Ledbetter and How Does She Know President O’Bama?” (See the full article at www.newfocushr.com.) This month Kristen outlines eleven helpful hints that will assist employers with avoiding Ledbetter problems. Remember, that the law does require “equity” and does not … more »

Who is Lilly Ledbetter and how does she know President Obama?

Lilly Ledbetter was a supervisor at Goodyear Tire and Rubber’s plant in Gadsden, Alabama, from 1979 until her retirement in 1998. At first, her pay was in line with the salaries of men, but over time, a gap developed between her salary and the pay of male area managers with equal or less seniority. By … more »

EPLI Discounts

During the summer of 2009, New Focus HR received a telephone call from the Business Manager at a telecommunications company with 16 employees. She asked if we had the ability to assist her company with the development of an employee handbook. She stated that the company’s insurance broker had informed her that if they implemented … more »




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