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I’m Quitting!

Have you ever uttered those two little words to a supervisor? What brought you to that decision? Was it that someone in the company, usually a supervisor, was caustic toward you and others, or perhaps a better opportunity was waiting for you in the wings?

Have you ever heard those two little words from a good employee with potential? Those two little words can really ruin your day.

The Gallup Organization has studied employee engagement for many years and they’ve come to the conclusion that people leave people, not companies. Oscar Wilde once said… “Some cause happiness wherever they go. Some cause happiness whenever they go.”

People Quit People Who

  • People quit people who demean them
  • People quit people who devalue them
  • People quit people who are untrustworthy:
    • Acting inconsistently in what they say and do
    • Seeking personal gain above shared gain
    • Withholding information
    • Lying or telling half-truths
    • Being closed-minded
  • People quit people who are incompetent
  • People quit people who are insecure

A recent survey found that the best ways for leaders to build trust is to:

  • Maintain integrity
  • Openly communicate their vision and values
  • Show respect for their fellow employees as equal partners
  • Focus on shared goals more than their own personal goals
  • Do the right thing regardless of personal risk

A Six Step Recipe for Retention

No matter how good of a leader you are, you will occasionally lose people. That’s just a part of leadership. There are some things you can do to make yourself the kind of leader that other people want to follow. Here are a few things for you to consider:

  1. Take responsibility for your relationship with others – When a relationship goes bad as they sometimes do, you should initiate action to try to make the relationship better.
  2. When people do leave, do an exit interview – The purpose of the interview is to discover if you are the reason why they left. If not you who or what and then work to rectify the situation for others. Take the high road.
  3. Put a high value on those who work with you – It’s wonderful when people believe in their leader it’s even more wonderful when the leader believes in the people.
  4. Put credibility at the top of your leadership list – You may not always be competent; there are times when every leader finds themselves in over their head. You can always be trustworthy.
  5. Recognize that your positive emotional health creates a secure environment for people – Work to think positively, practice the right behavior toward others, and follow the golden rule.
  6. Maintain a teachable spirit and continue to nurture your passion for personal growth – Make sure you continue learning so you can continue leading.

One of the worst things that can happen to an organization is to lose its best people. When, if that happens, don’t blame it on the company, the competition, the market, the economy or even the virus. The blame falls squarely on the leaders. Always remember, people quit people, not companies. If you want to keep your best people and help your organization fulfill its mission, then work to be a better leader.

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Written by:    Jack Klemeyer

                        Certified John Maxell Coach, Speaker & Trainer

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