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Summertime Motivation

It’s gorgeous outside, warm, sunny and inviting. Right now your employees are sitting in their cubicles thinking of all the things they’d rather be doing then working. Productivity is certain to be low during times like these. So how can you motivate your employees to stay productive and keep business moving in the right direction? Here are some ideas to put you on the right path:

1. Set challenging goals and celebrate successes. This can be done departmentally or with the company as a whole. Goals are a good way to keep employees focused. Putting the goals in writing will also help everyone stay on track. To celebrate, perhaps offer a catered lunch or an early dismissal day with pay.

2. Take staff meetings outdoors. Even if this is only for a short time, the burst of energy and vitamin D boost will work wonders.

3. Hold contests or giveaways to help increase productivity. Gift cards for restaurants or tickets for summer events such as concerts, movies, festivals and local sporting events are just some ideas of items that could be raffled.

4. Host a weekly breakfast or lunch. These don’t necessarily need to be catered. A pitch-in (pot luck) is a popular way to supply food for large groups and to have a wide variety of items. Another idea is to have a themed pitch-in event, such a “salad day”. Employees could bring lettuce, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, various vegetables, cold pasta salad, sesame seeds, croutons, etc. This is also a good way to have a healthier reward for a job well done.

5. Plan a company sponsored outing. A company sponsored summer outing is a great way for employees and their families to socialize and these activities may go a long way in building a positive work environment. Harmony between coworkers comes from connectivity.

6. Flexibility in scheduling. Depending on what your office needs are, maybe consider a rotating half –day schedule on Fridays, or allowing staff to come in late or leave early one day a week.

7. Casual dress day or themed dress day. This may sound silly, but having a themed day like Hawaiian shirt day or mismatch day, is sure to create a positive atmosphere. Seeing coworkers sense of humor creates camaraderie and unity amongst employees.

8. Ice cream social. Giving everyone an afternoon break to sit down and socialize with some ice cream and various toppings. Sounds refreshing on a 90 degree day!

9. Office party. Card or ping pong tournaments, board games, music and food – this is a great opportunity to show employee appreciation.

10. Volunteering. Give employee’s a paid day off to volunteer for organization of their choice. Getting your employees involved in volunteering for local organizations could positively impact your business as well. Remember, paying it forward in a positive manner benefits everyone.

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Written by: Kristen Shingleton Deutsch, M.B.A., CCP







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