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Employees Don’t Leave Jobs, They Leave Managers

Is your company experiencing high turnover? Does it seem like the good employees always leave? Maybe your managers and supervisors need training on how to communicate with employees? Employees usually don’t leave jobs, they leave companies because of their managers or other employees. And, most supervisors and managers are promoted to these positions because they are good employees not because they have the skill set. So what are your managers and supervisors doing to retain employees? Do they have the skill set to retain employees?

In 2012, let New Focus HR help train your managers and supervisors on the basic skill sets that they need to be “great” leaders in your organization. We provide sessions to include, but not limited to: recruitment, selection and interviewing; new employee orientation; time management; self-motivation; delegation; how to be a leader; participating in meetings; development of successful teams; anti-harassment and diversity; business communications; employment laws; performance management; coaching and disciplinary action; teambuilding and how to manage change, to name a few. Programs are customized to meet the needs of your organization and may be delivered randomly one at a time or in a weekly sequence. Whatever you desire, we are able to provide the “right” training options for your managers and supervisors. We help them to become “great” leaders, which will ultimately result in happier employees and lower turnover rates. Contact us for additional information and make management and supervisory training a priority during 2012.

Written By: Kristen Shingleton, M.B.A., CCP
President, New Focus HR LLC

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