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Are You An Effective Delegator?

So you think that you are a good delegator? Let’s see. Take out a piece of paper and number it from 1-6, representing six statements. Answer each of the following six statements with the corresponding number using this code: 1 = always, 2 = sometimes and 3 = never. Place the numerical number of the code next to the numbered statement on your piece of paper. Here we go!

1.) I find that employees consistently take the initiative to add value to the company, without being asked.

2.) I’m free to “think big” because my employees handle all the daily operational stuff.

3.) As my company continues to grow, I’m totally comfortable letting go and putting others in charge of pieces of the business, rather than clinging to control.

4.) I prefer to spend 30 minutes training an employee to do a new task than just doing it myself in five minutes.

5.) I say to an employee “Let me show you how to do that” far more than I think to myself “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done right.”

6.) I look for opportunities to praise managers for delegating to their workers.

Add up all of the numbers for statements 1-6 to get a total score. Statement #1 = 3 points, #2 = 2 points, #3 = 2 points, #4 = 1 point, #5 = 1 point and #6 = 2 points. The total score = 11 points.

• If your total score is 6-8, then you are an excellent delegator, continue doing what you are doing.

• If your total score is 9-14, you are on the road to becoming an effective delegator. But you need to raise your awareness and make a more concerted effort to coach others to plug holes and take on more responsibility.

• For those of you who scored over 14, you are not alone. And you are honest! Many business owners and managers need to confront the fact that they just can’t do it all, and that assigning jobs to others is a vital part of building a business. Ask any legendary business owner or manager to identify a key to transforming a great idea into thriving enterprise and here’s the answer you will hear: harness the drive, skills and talents of every employee.

Source: Entrepreneurial Edge

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